The research team is seeking new PhD students to develop new biomarker sensors for diagnostic applications. The students will conduct research at the Burnaby campus of SFU under the direct supervision of Dr. Adachi in the School of Engineering Science and will interact with academic collaborators in the Dept. of Physics and Kinesiology.

Biomarkers are measurable indicators that help determine if a person may have or be at risk of developing a disease. The goal of the proposed research program is to develop new sensing methods that can increase screening options at the doctor’s office. We are developing sensors that detect proteins using atomically thin materials called 2D materials.  This a multi-disciplinary project which can involve team members from different disciplines including electrical engineering, materials science, physics, chemistry, and molecular biology. Sensors are functionalized using aptamers/anti-bodies that bind specifically to targeted biomarkers proteins.

Research topics include investigation of new sensing techniques or device architectures for detection of biomarker proteins for Alzheimer’s disease. Students are also encouraged to propose new research directions.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Interest in diagnostic sensors for early detection of disease
  • Experience or interest in device fabrication equipment in a cleanroom environment (e.g. evaporation, lithography, etc.)
  • Expertise with electrical/optical measurements
  • Experience with material characterization
  • Demonstrated communication skills

Semester: Fall, 2024, Spring, 2025

Students and researchers interested in joining our team, please send your CV and brief description of your research interests to mmadachi(at)